At MME conferences, each contributing author will present the results both in a short oral presentation and in a classical poster session. The short oral presentation ('Flash' presentation) both informs the audience of the topic of your poster and motivates delegates to visit you during the subsequent poster session.

Due to the large number of posters to be presented, authors will be strictly limited to three minutes presentation time. After this time the presentation will be stopped. The purpose of the flash presentations is to allow for a brief overview of all the posters and not to present all the results. This is only an opportunity to advertise for your paper. Therefore you should only show the title and list of authors, and one or two provoking images which raise curiosity. In-depth discussions will be held at the posters during the poster session. The last thing you want is that nobody visits your poster because you already told everything in the flash presentation!

For the short oral presentation you should mail a PowerPoint presentation consisting of three slides at most to the Local Organisersto allow inclusion in one of the oral presentation sessions. Files should be sent to Dr Martin Hill (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Monday 22nd August in order to allow time for review. A template is given under the Downloads tab. We will have a look at all presentations and provide feedback on contents and layout. If you do not have PowerPoint, you may also submit your slides in pdf format. We cannot allow you to use your own notebook during the presentation, as this would take too much time for a three minute presentation.