The purpose of a paper submitted to MME is twofold. First, it serves to inform the program committee what new results you propose to present. Therefore, it is important within the first few sentences to state what your primary result is. It is also important to identify how the new work differs from previous work from your own group and from other groups. For example: “In this paper we present for the first time a systematic investigation for the dielectric charging in silicon nitride films for RF MEMS capacitive switches based on Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy.” Secondly, the accepted papers will be collected and distributed among the MME participants on USB sticks, and later published online by IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series - so layout and clear figures are important.

After an introduction of the basic ideas and how the work relates to other work, detailed descriptions of methods, device structures, and examples of specific results, whether experimental or theoretical, should be presented. Figures and tables can support these results. After presentation of results, it is useful to compare specific results with related work, and also to comment on the broader impact of the results.


Paper Preparation

MME papers will now be published by the IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series - a highly visible and widely indexed online publication. IOP Conference Series uses author-supplied PDFs for all online and print publication. Authors must prepare their papers using Microsoft Word or LaTeX, strictly according to the journal guidelines and templates, and then convert these files to PDF. Please note that JPCS publication includes the possibility of publishing supplementary multimedia material that could enhance the quality and reach of your paper - for more details, see these guidelines.

It is important to ensure that when you submit your paper, it is in its final form ready for publication, and has been thoroughly proofread. Neither the IOP nor the MME Programme Committee will copy edit or reformat papers and will not send out author proofs prior to publication. Post-publication changes are not permitted, so please ensure that your paper has been checked for errors.

Contributions should generally be between four and six pages in length. Prepare your manuscript following the examples in the LaTeX or Word templates provided under in our Downloads repository, or online at the JPCS website. Do not, for whatever reason, modify the layout. Write your paper in English. The first author listed should be the presenting author.

Convert your paper  to PDF format, and submit it to the MME 2016 Program Committee using the Easychair system; our submission deadline is extended to 10th June!


Publication Options

To ensure maximum visibility and credit for your work, Micromechanics Europe 2016 offers the following tiered publication procedure: